Friday, September 17, 2010

Superflex in Metz

French industrial group Bel (The Laughing Cow, Babybel) launched earlier this year Lab'Bel, a program dedicated to promote contemporary visiual arts. For the Nuit Blanche, a night of events and visited organized in the largest cities throughout France, Lab'Bel invited Danish art activists Superflex.

Vicious Vitamins interviewed Superflex last year for the issue #2 released during Frieze and FIAC (issue 2 that you can download by clicking on the right margin of the site). For the Nuit Blanche in Metz, Superflex will present a work already featured at Art Unlimited 2010, Flooded Mc Donald. The performance will consist of a rise in the water of a Mc Donald restaurant until complete flooding. Mixing humour and tragedy, Superflex, here again, chalenges our lives of consumers and the power of brand in the developed world.

Flooded MacDonald's (2008), 1 October 2010 from 18.00pm to 1am
Salle des fetes du Lycee Fabert, Metz.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Here is the new track of our friend Christian Jay

Christian Jay new track

Friday, September 3, 2010

Too Cool For School - New-York hipsters in Paris and London

In September, two exhibitions in Paris and London will feature the hippest generation of New-York artists. Galerie du Jour-Agnes B in Paris will show works of artists the gallery has long-standing relationship with, Harmony Korine, which new film will be produced by Agnes B, Dash Snow and Ryan McGinley. East-End London gallery Ritter Zamet will present over ten emerging artists from New-York in an exhibition called The Coke Factory including Scott Campbell, Dan Colen, Nate Lowman, Aurel Schmidt, Agathe Snow and Dash Snow.

At Galerie du Jour, Ryan McGinley will show studio pictures of unprofessional models met in gigs and parties. Unfortunately there is nothing that has never been seen already although this serie should be seen in its entire context of 150 pictures of 150 models, left free to adopt the posture they want – Is Ryan McGinley trying to become a new Rankin? Let’s give him a chance but the pictures he originally took of his friends and daily life were so beautiful that it is hard to understand why he is now being so conventional and bourgeois in a professional studio. Although Harmony Korine probably spends most of his time working on film projects (Mister Lonely in 2007 and soon Trash Humpers that we are really looking forward to watch), he still finds time for other visual arts. At Galerie du Jour, he will present mixed-techniques portraits that somehow remind the fear and anxiety of Munch works. Harmony Korine is probably the most interesting artist of this generation emerged from street and skateboard culture. Dash Snow will be remebered with a beautiful dyptique made in 2007 (see picture below - click on picture to see the entire high def picture). In addition, Agnes B herself will show some of her videos.

Harmony Korine, Scumbag and baby, 2010, technique mixte

Ryan McGinley, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere , 2010, Photographie nxb. 30x45 cm

Dash Snow, « Untitled (Metallic trees) », God Spoiled, 2007. Photographie, dyptique.

At Ritter Zamet, a bunch of hipsters will take over the space and questioned their creative process in light with the over-mechanised and consumerist Western society. This show will include Dash Snow (the picture of the beautiful dyptique above will be shown at Galerie du Jour), a year after his death and who will also be at Galerie du Jour in Paris, his former wife Corsican borned Agathe Snow, and some Purple Diary characters (that gives you an idea of the hipness !) such as Aurel Schmidt or Scott Campbell. Pictures of The Coke Factory will maybe be added to the post soon(ish).

3+1 at Galerie du Jour Agnes B, 9 September-6 November 2010: 44, rue Quincampoix 75004 Paris –

The Coke Factory at Ritter Zamet, 9 September-23 Octobern 2010: Unit 8, 80a Ashfield Street E1 2BJ London (opening reception Thursday 9 September, 6pm-8pm) –