Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Died Young Stayed Pretty - UK DVD release

died Young Stayed Pretty, Eileen Yaghoobian documentary on rock poster artists, is now taking on Europe. Eileen will be in Amsterdam and Copenhagen in April for a screening and the film will be released on DVD in the UK by the ICA.

You can also read Paul Dale article on "One is left in no doubt that this bunch of eccentrics, loners and mad men are exercising their artistic freedoms in ways that few artists ever do" (Link:

Congrats to Eileen for the success of this truly independent film !!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Didier Clain at Sycomore (Paris) and Centotto (New-York)

Our friend artist Didier Clain is showing his works at Paris gallery Sycomore (7 bis, rue Geoffroy Marie, 75009) and Centotto in Brooklyn, new-York.

The Paris show closing party will be on 25 February from 19.00 to 22.00 with more works and installations of Didier and other artists. More pics to follow on our B-Side blog Dig For Voodoo (click the link on the right).

Sycomore Art: 7 bis, rue Geoffroy Marie 75009 Paris. Metro Grands Boulebards (

At Centotto, the exhibition "Terrae and The Ether" will remain present through February. Opening was on 5 February and the next general reception will be on 19 February from 6pm to 10pm.

Terrae and the Ether Bridging a recently bygone simposio exhibit denuding creative process with an upcoming simposio exhibit authorizing poly-authored forgeries, Terrae and the Ether, an interstizio exhibit, merges the patent nominalities of photographed places and persons, or places and things, with paintings of an indefinite, abstractly envisioned ether that might conceivably dwell therebetween.Featuring works by Tim Kent, Layton Hower, Myles Dickason, Miguel Kim and Didier Clain.

Centotto: 250 Moore Street #108, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Information: and +1 908 338 3590