Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ICH BIN EIN BERLINER - The compilation

Vicious Vitamins' friends Araknid records alongside with DJ and Dead Sexy Inc singer Emmanuel Hubaut are releasing a double CD compilation featuring the best of SO36 parties Ich Bin Ein Berliner.

Ich Bin Ein berliner festival is a monthly event organized by Andreas Schwarz, David Maars, and Emmanuel 5 at legendary club from Kreuzberg SO36. It's an Electro Glam & Rock party with “a touch of Queer” where you can see and listen to Bands, Performers, Djs, who are based in Berlin and often a special " just for one day " Berliner act. It started august 2009 and became one of the best and freaky party in town. Many artists already played there such as : Gloria Viagra, Steve Morell, Noblesse Oblige, Mount Sims, Snax, Aerea Negrot, Randy Twigg, Squeezebox Band, Nachlader, Scream Club, Electronicat, B├╝rger P, Glamour to Kill, We are Enfant Terrible, Mittekill, Sue Denim, Kamikaze Queens...

You can listen and buy the CD on Araknid Records web site: www.araknidrecords.com

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