Friday, September 4, 2009

Vicious Vitamins - New Issue SOON !!!!!

Hi there !

We're working hard on the new issue of Vicious Vitamins which is due to release for the London and Paris art fairs in October. You will find the magazine in a limited number of places in London and Paris: Zoo Art Fair, Slick Art Fair, Show-Off, galleries, shops and restaurants in Shoreditch and accross Paris...

We can now reveal the content of the magazine !
- Danish artist activists Superflex;
- An Hubaut x Hubaut interview by Jerome Sans;
- The Vicious Vitamins artist watch-list;
- Artist focus on Artus de Lavilleon including an exclusive drawing that Artus did just for us and interviews of Artus' friends about him;
- Interviews of the fairs' Directors: Matthew Slotover (Frieze), Soraya Rodriguez (Zoo), Martin Bethenod and Jennifer Flay (FIAC), Johan Tamer-Moreal (Slick);
- Booth selection at Frieze, FIAC and Slick;
- Picture of London and Paris night life by Billa Baldwin for London and Paul Blind for Paris.
Being the Paris/London issue, the magazine will this time be largely bilingual French/English.

And we disclose above the picture we'll use for the cover of the magazine. The picture was of course chosen from Billa Baldwin's portfolio !!!!

We look forward distributing the magazine...!

With much love from London town !


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