Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cover Vicious Vitamins #1

Lada Redstar, the hottest burlesque dancer from Sarajevo, will be in the front page of the first issue of Vicious Vitamins. The picture itself is from Paris-based photographer Dimitri Lepretre.

Also on the photography side, we're happy to announce that Billa Baldwin, the favourite photographer of the Shoreditch wanker community, will be a regular contributor of Vicious Vitamins !!!! and he will of DJ for our parties !!!!! It's all good, innit !!!!

About Lada Restar

LADA REDSTAR is from the cold, Lada Redstar is from the other side of The Wall: She's from the Eastern Bloc! It wasn't in Hollywood or on Broadway where she was initiated into dance... It was to the cadence of the Red Army's parades that she learned to move her body... It didn't take her long to leave the ranks of her regiment and begin her ascent to glory! It's said that the little soldier girl had no trouble getting her hands on the keys to the Kremlin and other communist hellholes. She can still be found in these places occasionally today... and she's privy to the most intimate secrets of the senior dignitaries of the Party! Lada Redstar has survived the wars, and today she comes to the West to offer her personal vision of conquest, of charm, and of Burlesque. From the cold! But warm like the most blissful vodka euphoria... So... За ваше здоровье! ... After all, who knows seduction better than the women of the East?

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