Thursday, February 19, 2009

The New-York Art Week: Selection 2

Martin Kippenberger: The Problem Perspective at MOMA
“I’m a big fan of Martin Kippenberger so when I saw there was a retrospective at the MOMA I was super excited! I’ll never miss this one for sure. This exhibition shows a broad diversity of works and medium that Kippenberger made along his career so it should be quite comprehensive even for those not familiar with his work…!”

MOMA: 11 West 53 Street, New-York (

Michael Borremans: Taking Turns at David Zwirner Gallery
“Michael Borremans is a fantastic artist, very complex mind but doing accessible work..! and he’s from Belgium which is a country I like with great – although sometimes unknown – artists and galleries. Borremans paintings mix traditional techniques and imageries with contemporary references; all what I like !”

David Zwirner Gallery: 252 West 19th Street, New-York (
Gregory de la Haba: Equus Maximus at Jack The Pelican
“I saw an incredible piece of Gregory de la Haba at Briadge Art fair in Miami: an installation of three horses (real size!) around a gambling table; just go there to see this piece which is still shown at the gallery. I’m sure there’s much more to see from this exhibition and that will be an opportunity to visit other Brooklyn’s galleries.”

Jack The Pelican: 487 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn (

Serban Savu: The Edge of the Empire at David Nolan Gallery
“I’m very interested in Romania and Romanian artists. David Nolan has an exhibition of School of Cluj artist Serban Savu which I’d like to see. This will also be an opportunity to see the gallery’s new space in Chelsea. David Nolan also has some available work of Ciprian Muresan which I collect so I’d like to see what he currently has.”

David Nolan Gallery: 527 West 29th Street, New-York (

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